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"Screams of terror of children, screams of terror of women, screams of terror of old men, screams of terror of dogs and cats, screams of terror of trees, screams of terror of cathedrals, screams of terror of glass windows, screams of terror in Palestine "screams of terror in Africa, screams of terror in Latin America"

 Just look how everything is upside down and heading towards self-destruction!  Doctors who destroy health, lawyers and judges who destroy justice, psychiatrists who destroy the mind, scientists who destroy the truth, propaganda news programs that destroy information, religions that destroy spirituality, food that destroy the human body, and governments that destroy freedom!

 We must raise the principle of real freedom, fraternity and solidarity among the peoples of the world; even this principle must be an essential part of the new world economic order.  It is not about a reparation for the historical injustice for which we are responsible, but also a moral imperative with the human species, even if we are not in the slightest to blame for its current tragedy.  If we start from these principles, which entail an idea of ​​justice and solidarity between peoples as exists within each nation to a greater or lesser degree, then international cooperation must constitute one of the basic principles of that new order.

 We are facing events and situations in which countries have no alternative but to look for a way out, and the way out that is found will at least be in this same direction that the majority of human beings are proposing;  maybe not exactly the same but in the same direction.  The debt to the banks that control the world and finance global wars is simply unpayable! 

 If it was ever said: "GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH", today the alternative for all the rulers of the world is: "GIVE ME THE CANCELLATION OF ALL DEBTS, OR I'LL GIVE YOU POLITICAL DEATH".

-Danny Ayala


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