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La Toltecayotl 2nd Part

The art of Shamanic discipline is the ability to calmly face circumstances that are not included in our expectations, the art of facing infinity without hesitation, Shaman teaches us that, not because it is strong or hard but because it is full of wonder; Shamanic discipline makes the shiny layer of consciousness unbreakable, Shamanic discipline is the only repellent against negative energies.

Reptilian consciousness is an essential part of the universe and must be taken for what it really is, it is the means by which the universe tests us; we are only conscious energy probes created by the universe from the original source, and it is because we are possessed of that conscious energy that we are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself. Reptilian consciences are the relentless defiants, they cannot be considered in any other way; if we succeed the universe allows us to continue.


The fight of the shamans is that they refuse to honor agreements in which they have not participated, nobody asked them if they would consent to be eaten by beings of another kind of conscience. The Shaman is only the Wise who knows how to use all that set of beliefs and practices that arose in paleolithic times, in order to explain the universe and raise the potential of the human being. What makes a Shaman is the constant cultivation of perception. Shamanism is practiced within oneself in solitude, it is not a social practice, much less a folk practice; the Shaman preaches the direct experience to God the original source and shows you the way to the edification of the spirit, the Shaman is not a mediator between the divinities and you, neither does he follow religions because he knows that there are no true or false religions, only there are experiences, there are happy people and miserable people, everything is pure imagination. The Shaman with the spiritual experience that guides him does not fall into these traps.

As long as our actions continue to be dominated by hatred, fear, ignorance, pride, etc., we will be lost in a world of illusions, circling in an endless circle from which we will never escape. The Shaman shows us that in all the eternal infinite existence, all the material thing that is accumulated is lost in the end, everything except for the wisdom of how things really are. This priceless pearl transforms into a jewelry display that fulfills wishes in the next incarnations. That is the most intimate richness of the spirit of the student of La Toltecayotl.

Toltecayotl ( Toltequidad ) ( El estudio de diseñar el espíritu ) ( The study of designing the spirit )

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