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La Toltecayotl 1st Part

Designing the spirit

La Toltecayotl is the art of designing and building the spirit as the ancient Toltecs did. The art of living in balance between the spirit and the body of oneself, with all living beings and with the universe. Civilizations have the potential to retain the wisdom and experience of their ancient past to meet the challenges of the future. It was the wisdom of these women and men who learned that the human spirit, nature and the heavenly vault are the most important thing to form their own faces and true hearts in their children and in their people.

La Toltecayotl is the line of thought that allows us to heal ourselves; the challenge is to take that wisdom that exists in our interior ancestral information bank to conscious planes of our daily world and with it build our present and design our future.

The most important and valuable inheritance of our millennial past is not found in the matter or in the archaeological zones, nor in its museums, nor in its books, it is found instead in the clear spiritual perception of the world and of life, in the values, principles, feelings, attitudes, traditions, uses and customs that have been changing and conforming for more than five centuries to colonization, but that keep alive the essence of a civilization that has not died.

Those ancient stories that describe the purpose of life and death, the journey of the soul through the underworld, and how the soul of a human being can return purified or diminished back to (God) the creative source then returning to earth later for another opportunity for purification through suffering. The purification of the spirit comes through Wisdom, Sacrifice, balance, goodness and the common duty with all beings in the world.

La Toltecayotl is the most important and valuable inheritance to end spiritual colonization, its deep knowledge, its thoughtful synthesis and its correct adaptation will be the valuable tools to free ourselves from mental and spiritual colonization.

La Toltecayotl teaches us how to be virtuous in a world of political-religious chaos and moral decline with the following tools:

1- Wisdom

2 -Gratitude

3 -Courage

4 -Self-control

5 -Harmony

6 -Detachments

7- Truth


9 -Love

10 -Discipline

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

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