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Are you a star seed?

"El estudio del espiritu" " Shamanismo" "Iluminacion carnal"Danny Ayala 2020

We have all found ourselves looking at the stars hypnotized by our galaxy and wondering what lies beyond. But for about 1% of the earth's population it is more than a feeling of love and magnificence, this group feels nostalgia and an intense desire to be where their true home belongs. For these people the land and its inhabitants always have something strange; As if they did not belong here and no matter where they are they only feel the longing to be at home among the stars, these beings known as star seeds or embodied lights have made conscious their decision to incarnate as humans on earth; Originated in a star system outside of ours, they have volunteered to bring with them the light, the knowledge and wisdom that will raise the human race to a higher level of consciousness.

Most of these star seeds are generally in a state of amnesia spending their entire existence on earth without knowing the origin of their souls, they forgot their home and many also their mission, but once they wake up they clearly see who they are and know what to do. If you are a star seed, your chances are that you have felt a strong flash of recognition or knew that this could be true for you; once you recognize your origins and your mission you can find the true satisfaction of life here on earth. Some other indications that you could be a star seed is that in your childhood you possessed an inherent wisdom that usually doesn't come until later in life, you never felt that you were like your family, you didn't feel the same sense of belonging, or of attachment that your companions had with their families; also if you are very intuitive and you can easily see the facades of people, also if you reject the forms of religions that only destroy the spirit, and choose to start living on your own by what is drawn in metaphysics and looking for logical answers to what is unknown; you find the monetary and social systems as something strange or meaningless, you have a deep desire for a more peaceful and harmonious land and a strong aversion to the conflict of war and violence; you create fantasies in your head and you may be attracted to forms of escapism including substance abuse; You have exceptional dreams but difficulty sleeping; Babies and animals are drawn to you hypnotized by you, because you are highly sensitive to light, noise and pain and often frustrated by the limitations of your physical body.

Some star seeds have multiple origins, have been incarnated on different worlds for long periods of time, while others who are new to earth may feel the greatest desire to return home as they are experiencing the anxiety of their first incarnation. They are often highly sensitive to the harsh energies of the earth that are different from those of their dimension; Each universe world or solar system has its own energies that become part of the souls that inhabited them, allowing the star seeds to be recognized by the energy they emit; Once the star seed awakens to its true origin, they normally attract other star seeds that can relate to it; To determine the origins of star seeds, it is only necessary to examine your own energies to see what type of energy you align with, but carefully because you have to take into account that many star seeds have several origins and have a past life; regression It can provide you with a deeper analysis that looks at exactly where you are from where you came from and what your mission on earth is.

If you discover that you are a star seed and can learn about your origin this is only the first step to fulfill your soul's purpose.

It is important to remember this: Having origins in a star from a different system does not mean that you cannot have a meaningful and satisfying existence here on earth incarnated here to live among humans to teach and help them, we came here to share our gifts and abilities but also to experience the unique beauty of this planet that we call earth.

By URMAH TV Traduced by Danny Ayala 2020.

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