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Art is a product of human intelligence, sensitivity, and HARD WORK.

Art is what survives the artist himself. Art is what needs no explanation for everyone to understand. When people don't understand it, it's not simply art. If art needs an intermediary to explain it to you and tell you what that is, what that piece is and what the artist's intentions are and what he tried to say and what he could not do, then you are not facing Art; because art does not need the intermediary. You are in front of a piece that is a product of academic rhetoric and that is a product of the market, they are endorsing any object as art because this is a marketing device that found a way to sell objects that are worthless, that have fictitious value and that they do not have a way of sustaining themselves aesthetically or theoretically but that with this rhetoric they are selling as art, we are facing a great fraud.

The true figure of genius artists such as those we know of the Renaissance: Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Boticelli, etc., was destroyed by this Western mafia precisely to be able to say that they are all artists and that is why right now any mediocre banal or superficial manifestation It can be called art. Why? because those things today are evaluated with two elements, with numbers of what they cost and with quotes from museums, galleries, critics, academics, bankers, or collectors; quote it and put the price they want and is often just a fictitious value as when they give you a certificate and they don't even give you the work !!!! It is a mafia, a great fraud and a great money laundering where this people participate: art academies, cultural institutions, educational institutions, museums, galleries and auction houses.

Something very dangerous about our human intelligence is in play; If you look at one of those works that are done in ten minutes, that doesn't take much need, think about! what do they need to do to become artists today? Nothing!!, because there is no need to strive to be an artist and have a lot of status, because it is a very good business.

What does a dictatorship ask for? Hush criticism! At the moment in which societies are silent and become indifferent, they become conformist and can then manipulate them. In contemporary art the way in which the mafias are manipulating it is a dictatorial system that is seeking the null criticism to be able to manipulate people and sell any object as art, and that that object is worth exorbitant prices and that neither can criticize the Price to its buyers or sellers.

The mafia of contemporary art has finished with the aesthetic experience of perception of beauty, of intelligence, of whether a work touched something within your being that in the end is what we seek when we experience all kinds of art. What the art seller does is give you all those cultural academic validation arguments so that you accept that as art; At the moment when you become a critical spirit and say: Well, I don't see anything you are telling me! Then they tell you that you do not understand, that you do not know about art, that you need an education certificate before entering to ask. It is a crisis because what they want is that there is rhetoric behind the works, the virtues of the works of art are no longer visible, the virtues of the works of art today you do not see them, they have to tell you and That is a great void that Western art is not fulfilling.

Never in the history of art had there been so much garbage and corruption as today, today anyone can put their dirty clothes on a chair and call that art, when before you had to learn to draw, compose, mix ingredients, form colors, etc.

The only solution is to learn to reveal yourself and to say with great value that what we are seeing in museums, galleries and art festivals today, is not art! And it does not provide us with any aesthetic experience that stimulates our intellectual development, and that the only thing behind all the genocide of true painters forced to starve is the market and money, and the danger is that we are taking the intelligence and human creation among this avalanche of garbage.

So the first thing to do is say this is not art fuck you !; The second thing to do is forget about the academy, museums and critics, there are many false, sold and corrupt people in those institutions that are no guarantee of anything; The third thing to do is that if we have creative ability and talent to draw, it is to continue creating and continue learning more and to defend our work!

The solution is in the hands of TRUE ARTIST and in THE PUBLIC itself.

And if he has no talent for drawing, he cannot be called an artist according to Michaelangelo.

By: Avelina Lésper, traduced by Danny Ayala. 2019

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