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Maria Sabina's Chants

During my vigils I speak with the saints: with Lord Santiago, with Saint Joseph and with the Virgin Mary. I say the name of each one as they appear. I know that God is made up of all saints. Just as we, together form humanity, God is made up of all saints. That is why I have no preference for any saint. All saints are equal, one has the same strength as the other, none has more power than another. On the way I see the saints. One appears and I speak his name; if another one appears, I pronounce his name. If Benito Juárez appears, I pronounce his name. Sometimes the directors appear, then I see myself drinking beer with them; on other occasions we drink brandy. I see animals like giant snakes, but I don't fear them. I do not fear them because they are also creatures of God. Strange animals appear as I had never seen them in this world. You should not fear anything mushrooms show.......

For a while, young men of both sexes arrived, with long hair and strange clothes. They wore shirts of many colors and used necklaces. Many of them came. Some of these young people bother me to give them holy children(mushrooms).

We come in search of God, they say. It was difficult for me to explain that the vigils were not made for the simple desire to find God, but were made with the sole purpose of curing the diseases that our people suffer. These young, blond and dark skinned did not respect our customs. The young people ate them where they liked it: it was the same for them if they chewed them sitting in the shade of coffee or on a cliff along a path in the forest. Never, as far as I remember, were holy children eaten with such disrespect. For me it is not fun to watch. Whoever does it simply to feel the effects can go crazy and stay that way temporarily. Our ancestors always took the holy children to a vigil presided over by a wise man.

I am the woman who was born alone.

I am the woman who only fell.

I am the woman who waits.

I am the woman who examines.

I am the woman who looks inside.

I am the woman who looks underwater.

I am the sacred woman, because I can swim the great.

I am the woman moon.

I am the woman aerolito.

I am the woman huarache constellation.

I am the woman star.

I am the God woman,because I have been touring the places since its origin.

I am the woman who cures.

I am the woman who cleans.

I am the woman hyerbera.

I am the woman wise in language, because I am wise in medicine.

I am the woman who reads.

I am the woman interpreter.

I am the woman tlacuache.

I am the woman tiger.

I am the woman eagle.

I am the woman hawk.

I am the woman ajolote...

Woman swimmer owner I am.

Holy mother. Aguila woman I am.

Woman stones of the stove I am.

Woman hawk I am.

Woman hunter hawk I am .....

I ask God to bless me, I ask for kindness, every day I ask for goodness for the world, this world where there is also evil and discord, this world where people fight for anything. I know the kingdom of Death, because I have arrived there; It is a place where there is no noise, because the noise no matter how minimal, it is annoying. In the peace of that kingdom I see God and Benito Juarez.

- Maria Sabina

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