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Native Purépecha Abuelita as modern art

This is not a Coco painting, is a cultural war flag !

The term culture has several meanings, everything depends on the context in which the word is used.

Culture in arts is all that human activity that seeks to transform nature in the search for a good for society and as an expression of thought, feeling and knowledge.

The Purépecha culture in Michoacán México, also known as Tarasca, is recognized as being the one that has been most strongly in society today, due to the fact that there is a larger population that practices it's traditions compared to the rest of the indigenous communities in Mexico . They were undoubtedly craftsmen consummated in a tradition that persists to this day in many forms, emphasizing their ability to work metals and turquoise, as well as to manufacture ceremonial pottery and objects of pen and lacquer.

Conceived as a symbol of unification and resistance, the Purépecha flag raises the firmness before the invasion, the exploitation, and the spoils suffered by this ethnic group through the centuries.Thus, it constitutes a remembrance to the destruction of its temples and the burial of it's religions , awakening the interest of integration and struggle against the forms that have constantly assaulted this culture.

In the year 1980, the Purépecha flag was created, in Santa Fe de La Laguna of Quiroga municipality, in Michoacán México, as a search for an element that would unite all the Tarascan peoples and, in addition, as a tribute to all the fallen in the defense of their traditions, especially the natives murdered on November 17, 1979, by the guards and ranchers of Quiroga.

The Purépecha people proudly preserve their rich culture and traditions, born of the fusion of two worlds. A town with its own history, that of an empire that coexisted with the mighty Aztecs. A town of skilled artists, illustrious cooks and renowned musicians. A people that faces the future without losing sight of its roots.

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